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Luc Olscamp

After I obtained a bachelor's degree in biology, I studied graphic design at UQAM and discovered the communicative power of colors. I then attended live model drawing workshops and started being interested by "gestuelle" painting.

As an apprentice under Lise Fradet (La peinture et l'inconscient) I gradually learned to let go of my inhibitions in front of the canvas and to pull from my unconscious mind images that resonate with my perception of the world.  My paintings are representations of a reality that existed before the painted work and where the human figure is predominant.  The fictitious portrait series "Humanity" is the result of that approach.

Attracted by landscape, I refuse the traditional approach and try to represent the world in a more intuitive way.  My search for the basic landscape led me to the limits of figurative and abstract art. It's with Jacques Clement that I discovered oil sticks.  The landscapes of Abitibi and the Eastern Townships inspired me and ultimately led me to paint from nature.  My paintings are composed of a part of reality and a part of fantasy, a little of what we see and what we would like to see, inspired by the moment and spontaneous gestures.
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