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Studio Georgeville - Galerie d'art
art et communauté Studio Georgeville
Dominique GAGNON

Artist statement

I am interested in expressing what the landscapes that we have created over the centuries; painstakingly transforming, arranging and improving our surroundings  to serve our needs and our aesthetic ideas, tell us about our collective values.  I think that humans as well as all other living beings are now in the same boat, trying to live and blossom in these "landscapes", which do not seem to work very well for all of us anymore.  My images aim at creating a discursive space around our relationship with the natural world, to overturn the perception of the world that we have been taught. I use materials crafted from nature such as watercolour, mineral pigments, rag paper and gold or silver leaf, because these materials mirror the beauty, the mystery, the elusiveness, and the fragility of our world. I believe that the idea of beauty, recently reintroduced into the discourse and practice of art, can be used as a potent instrument for communication. I create my images purposefully, to engage the viewer by stimulating thoughts about how to reinvent and re-enchant our world.
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